How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese


One of the most basic things we need to do when we meet somebody is to introduce yourself. When you learn a new language, it’s the first lesson right after the alphabet. Therefore, in this article, Tiếng Việt online will guide you to know how to introduce yourself in Vietnamese.


How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese

When you first met someone:

First thing you need to do is to give the other person your basic information.

  • Name and age:

In Vietnamese culture, we hardly use “tôi” for “I”. Use “mình” (I) and “bạn” (you) if you meet someone that might be the same age. In case you already know the other person’s age, use: “em”, “cháu”, “chị”, “cô”, “dì”,… After that, tell your age so the two will pick the right pronouns to comunicate.

Ex: Chào bạn! Mình tên Yamada. Năm nay mình 20 tuổi. (Hello. My name is Yamada. I’m 20 years old.)

  • Where you are from and your life:

This is when you can freely talk about yourself. The content will differ, depending on the situation.

Ex: Mình đến từ Nhật Bản. (I’m from Japan)

Mình học ở trường đại học Sakura. (I study at Sakura University)

Lần đầu tiên mình đến Việt Nam. (This is the first time I’ve been to Vietnam.)

Rất mong được làm quen với bạn. (Nice to meet you.)

How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese

In an interview or CV:

To get a good job, you have to nail both the CV and the interview. The information must tell your desire, determination; get the consideration of the employer.

  • General information:

Tên, tuổi : Tôi tên là … Tuổi : 28 tuổi (Name: My name is…; Age: 28 years old.)

Nghề nghiệp : Kỹ sư (Job: Engineer)

Tình trạng hôn nhân : Độc thân hoặc có gia đình (Marital status: Single/Married)

Địa chỉ: Số… Đường… Phường… Quận… Thành phố/thôn/xã/huyện/tỉnh (House…Street…Ward…District…City)

Số điện thoại (Phone number)

Email (Email address)

  • Education and experience:

Học tập (Education): Tên trường cấp 3, trường đại học, thành tích học tập… (High school, University, achievements,…)

Làm việc (Experience):

Job 1: how to get the job, how long you work, what experience you gain,…

Job 2: …

  • Skill:

Ex: Skilled engineer with 5 years experience.

Achievements and awards:

Ex: Excellent engineere,…

  • Language:

Ex: Vietnamese, English, Japanese,…

  • Future plan:

One who knows exactly what he wants in life and plans for it will appeal to others more.

You should divide your plan into 2 parts:

Short term: Ex: Find a good job, learn a language, earn a certification,…

Long term: Open a company, contribute to the country,…

These plans should have connections with the job you are applying to.

Note: These plans shouldn’t be contradictory to your specialty/education.

Tiếng Việt Online has just showed you the easiest way to introduce yourself in Vietnamese. To be albe to study or work in Vietname, knowing how to introduce yourself to impress others is very important. Don’t be afraid of cultural diffirence. Being honest and determined will help you overcome every challenge.

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