How to use rồi in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar

How to use rồi in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar

Hello everyone! In this post, we will introduce to you the lesson: How to use rồi in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar.

How to use rồi in Vietnamese - Vietnamese grammar


Usage 1 :

Position in sentence :

Is an adverb.

Meaning and example :

Meaning: Expresses the idea that an action, a state began before the moment of speaking. That action or state may be completed or not completed, or it may be the reality based on the context.


+ In many cases, “rồi” can be replaced by “đã”.

+ We can use the following forms: đã…rồi (indicates something already done or, in effect, making opposition or argument useless); xong rồi.


Tôi đã nghe bài hát này nhiều lần rồi.
I have heard this song many times.

Tôi làm xong rồi.
I’m done.

Tôi đọc cuốn sách này rồi.
I have read this book.

Đẹp lắm rồi! Nhanh lên, chúng ta chậm mất rồi.
You look pretty already! Please hurry up. We’re late already.

Mọi người về hết rồi.
Everyone went home.

Usage 2 :

Position in sentence :

Is a conjunction.

Meaning and example :

Meaning: Used to describe the temporal continuity of two or more facts, or to present a relationship of two successive facts (one fact gives rise to other fact).

Note: We can use the following forms: rồi sau đó; rồi sao (nữa)?; rồi sau này; rồi đây; vừa rồi; mới vừa rồi; …rồi mới…; 1st verb + đã, rồi hãy / đã rồi / rồi / rồi hẵng + 2nd verb


Tôi ăn cơm rồi đi học bài.
I had dinner and then studied.

Tôi phải làm xong hết công việc này rồi sau đó mới được về nhà.
I have to finish this work before I can go home.

A: Anh ấy cầm lấy tay tôi, rồi…
B: Rồi sao nữa?
A: He took my hand, and…
B: What then?

Vừa rồi cậu nói với tớ cái gì đấy?
What did you tell me just now?

Nghỉ một chút rồi hẵng đi tiếp!
Have a rest first, then go on.

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