How to use thì in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar

How to use thì in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar

Hello everyone! In this post, we would like to introduce you to the lesson: How to use thì in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar.

How to use thì in Vietnamese – Vietnamese grammar

Position in sentence :

Is a particle.

Meaning and example :

Meaning: Used to mark the thing that has been mentioned before, at the same time, it is used to express the difference or contradiction between the properties, states or actions of events that were mentioned. Besides that, “thì” is also used to mark a time frame or condition within which an event will happen.

Note: We can use the following forms:

+ “Thì” usually goes after the following words: thật ra, đáng ra, đúng ra, nghĩ cho cùng, kể ra, xem ra, may ra, ít ra, theo tôi, dù sao,…

+ Nếu…thì…; hễ…thì…; giá…thì…; khi…thì…; mà…thì…

+ …thì có!: is used at the end of a sentence to give a different idea from the speaker’s idea in order to oppose the speaker about something.

+ thì có (A) nhưng (B): recognizing that (A) is present, but it also assert that there is the property (B) and that is the property that the speaker is concerned with.

+ …thì phải: is used to talk about an ability that the speaker doesn’t dare to assert a certainty.

+ thì ra…/ thì ra là…: expresses something that the speaker has just understood or realized.


Tớ thì thích nuôi mèo. Cậu ấy thì thích nuôi chó.
I like to raise a cat. He, however, likes to raise a dog.

Trời mưa thì tôi sẽ nghỉ học.
If it rains, I won’t go to school.

Nếu anh ấy đến thì gọi cho tôi.
If he comes, call me.

Thật ra thì tôi đã biết chuyện này từ trước rồi.
Actually, I have known this before.

Tôi mà là anh thì tôi sẽ đồng ý.
If I were you, I would agree.

Thằng bé ấy mà ngoan ngoãn cái gì chứ, nó lì lợm thì có!
He is not a good boy at all, he is stubborn.

Cái váy này đẹp thì có đẹp nhưng đắt quá.
I agree this skirt is beautiful, but it is too expensive.

A: Buổi tiệc sẽ được tổ chức ở đâu thế?
B: Hình như ở nhà cô thì phải.
A: Where will the party be held?
B: Perhaps it will be held at teacher’s house.

Tôi còn tưởng là anh ấy tặng quà cho tôi. Thì ra là muốn nhờ tôi đưa nó cho người khác.
I thought he gave me a gift. As it turned out, he wanted to ask me to give it to another person.

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