Metonymy in Vietnamese

Metonymy in Vietnamese

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Metonymy in Vietnamese

What is metonymy in Vietnamese?

– Metonymy is a way of calling one thing or phenomenon by the name of another thing or phenomenon that has a close relationship with the first one.

– Example:

+ Ông ấy đã từng là một tay trống cự phách (He is used to be a great drummer) => the word “tay” refers to a person.

+ Áo trắng em đến trường => the word “áo trắng” refers to schoolgirl.

+ Cả phòng bỗng im bặt (The whole room was suddenly quiet) => the word “cả phòng” refers to those who are in the room.


Lấy một bộ phận để gọi toàn thể (Refer to the whole by mentioning a part)

– Example:

+ Nhà tôi có 4 miệng ăn (My family has 4 people) => “miệng” is a part of the body, in this sentence, the speaker used “miệng” to refer to a person.

+ Cậu ấy là chân sút vàng của đội bóng (He is “the golden foot” of the football team) => “chân” is also a part of the body and in this sentence, it is also used to refer to a person.

Lấy vật chứa đựng để gọi vật bị chứa đựng (Refer to the contained object by mentioning the container)

– Example:

+ Cả khán đài reo hò sau cú sút của cậu ấy (The whole stand cheered after his shooting) => “cả khán đài” (container) refers to those who are sitting on the stand (contained object).

+ Cả phòng náo loạn chỉ vì một con chuột (The whole room was chaotic because of a mouse) => “cả phòng” (container) refers to those who are in the room (contained object).

Lấy dấu hiệu của sự vật để gọi sự vật (Refer to something by mentioning its sign)

– Example:

+ Này, áo đỏ! Mau lại đây! (Hey, red shirt! Come here!) => “áo đỏ” refers to the person who is wearing a red shirt.

Lấy cái cụ thể để gọi cái trừu tượng (Refer to the abstract by mentioning the concrete)

– Example:

+ “Một cây làm chẳng nên non / Ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao”: “một” and “ba” is the specific quantity, they are used to refer to small and large numbers of people.

Compare metaphor and metonymy

Metaphor Metonymy
Same  Calling one thing or phenomenon by the name of another thing or phenomenon.
Different Based on the similarity of the following criteria between things or phenomena:

+ Form

+ Way of performing an action

+ Quality

+ Sense

Based on the close relationship between things or phenomena, in particular:

+ The part – The whole

+ The container – The contained object

+ Signs of things – Things

+ The concrete – The abstract

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