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One of the most important elements in any kind of languages is noun. Nouns play a huge role in our daily communication activies. Today, Tiếng Việt Online will explain to you how Vietnamese nouns are divided and how to use them correctly.


Noun is a word used to identify any class of people, places or things,… Noun can be divided into two types: common noun and proper noun.

Vietnamese nouns- common noun:

A common noun is the generic name for a person, place, or thing in a class or group. There are two kinds of common noun: concrete noun and abstract noun.

  • Concrete noun:

Concreat noun refers to physical entities that can be observed or touched. Ex: book, notebook, wind, tree,…

  • Abstract noun:

Abstract noun refers to things that don’t have a shape and not felt by any kind of senses. Ex: mind, spirit, opinion, joy,…

Besides, we can also divide common nouns into 3 types: Chỉ hiện tượng (phenomenon noun), Chỉ khái niệm (definition noun), Chỉ đơn vị (unit noun).

  • Chỉ hiện tượng (phenomenon noun):

Identify phenomenon in life, including natural phenomenon (rain, wind, earthquake,…) and social phenomenon (war, poverty, disease,…)

  • Chỉ khái niệm (definition noun):

Identify abstract things such as love, sadness, idea, thought,…

  • Chỉ đơn vị (unit noun):

Noun used to measure things.

Nouns can combine with quantifiers in front (one, every, each, …). definite articles behind and some other words to form noun phrases.

Vietnamese nouns – proper nouns:

Proper nouns are words naming people, animals, places, things, and ideas. They need to be written capitalized.

Example: Viet Nam, Ha Noi, Japan,…

Vietnamese nouns’ functions:

  • Noun as subject:

VD: Hoa hồng rất thơm. In this sentence, the noun “hoa hồng” play as subject.

  • Noun as object:

VD: Tôi ăn kem. In this sentence, the noun “kem” play as object of the verb “ăn”‘.

Above is the main idea of Vietnamese nouns. We hope that through this post, you can understand how many types of nouns are and how Vietnamese works to study Vietnamese grammar better.

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