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After learning how to say hello in Vietnamese, we came to understand that relationship and age will determine Vietnamese conversations. Therefore, today Tiếng Việt Online will show you one of the most crucial part in Vietnamese conversation: how to address in Vietnamese.


How to address in family:

  • First person:

Con: talking to parents, grandparents

Cháu: talking to grandparents

Bố/Mẹ: talking to your children

Ông/bà: talking to your grandparents

Cô/dì/chú/cậu/bác: talking to your niece

Em: talking to older sisters, brothers

Anh (male), chị (female): talking to younger sisters, brothers

  • Second person:

Younger brother/sister: em

Older brother/sister: anh/chị (+name)

Father: bố

Mother: mẹ

Grandpa: ông

Grandma: bà

Aunt: cô (father’s younger sister), dì (mother’s younger sister), mợ (mother’s younger brother’s wife), bác (father/mother’s older sister), thím (father’s younger brother’s wife)

Uncle: cậu (mother’s younger brother), chú (father’s younger brother), bác (father/mother’s older brother)

  • Third person: Same as second person.

How to address at school:

  • To friends:

First person: tớ, mình (polite), tao (very intimate)

Second person: cậu, bồ (polite), mày (very intimate)

  • To teachers:

First person: con, em, chúng em (plural)

Second person: thầy (male), cô (female)

  • To students:

First person: thầy (male), cô (female), tôi

Second person: em, trò, cô/chị (female), cậu/anh (male),

How to address in Workplace, office:

We will address ourselves as “em” or “chúng em” when we talk to our boss, superior. Sometimes, “tôi” can be used as it’s a professional environment. Superiors can address themselves as “tôi”, “anh” (male), “chị” (female), and call others “em”, “cậu” (male), “cô” (female).


Quang: Chào ông giám đốc. Tôi đại diện đến từ công ty ABC đến để trao đổi công việc với ông. (Good morning, manager. I’m from ABC company to discuss the job)

Giám đốc: Chào cậu! Chúng ta bắt đầu thôi. (Good morning. Then, let’s start.)

Tiếng Việt online has given you the basic information about how to address in Vietnamese. Mastering this is taking one step closer to having a smooth conversation in Vietnamese.

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